The psychological support services in english available to students
Because of the exceptional situation that we are facing, do not hesitate to get in contact with people who know how to listen to you and give you advice. On this page, you will find the contact details for psychological support services in english that are available to students in each academic region of France, as well as the listening services in english that are available to students throughout all of France.
Psychological services in english available in each academic region

Regions are presented in alphabetical order.

The following documents only outline the support services that can be offered in english - for a full list of the support services that are offered in each academy, please consult the documents in the french version of the website:









Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

Listening services available to students throughout France

 General listening 

Nightline Paris 

Covid 19 Chat system operational between 9pm and 2.30am every day of the week except Tuesday and Wednesday.
Listening service by students, for students.  


Covid 19 Open.

Psychologists available for free appointments in a number of languages.

Cabinet T. Amadeus

Covid 19 Open 24/7, from 9am to 12pm, and from 1.30pm to 10.30pm.

A group of swiss psychologists related to the platform Psysolidaires offer a listening service by chat or video-chat. Sessions last 40 minutes. 

Terra Psy

Covid 19 Open 24/7, from 9am to 12.30pm,, and from 1.30pm to 5pm. 

Free platform that offers psychological support. 
Also available in arab. 

0 805 383 922

SOS Help

Covid 19 Open every day, with modified hours: 7pm-9pm.
Free, anonymous and confidential listening service that offers empathetic, non-judgmental emotional support to those going through a difficult time. Loneliness, mental or physical health, family conflict, bereavement and suicidal thoughts are some of the issues raised by callers.

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is aimed at helping students look after their mental health during the Covid crisis.

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