it's hard to be   20 in 2020. 

A prevention campaign for the well-being of students during a global crisis.

Your move or Your truth?

One filter, many challenges. A game of "truth or dare" centered around mental health.

Your truth

I speak about my own situation. I share my own experience. I talk about it for two reasons: to truly realise that we are far from being alone, and that pouring your heart out is a good way to keep our spirits high. Together, we break the stigma and share a light on what is it to be a student and what mental health really means.


Your move

I take part in the challenge to take care of myself or my peers. I am committed to being in charge of the situation, and to helping out others during these unprecedented times. Supporting others is also a way to feel good about yourself.

A community on @soutien.etudiant


Join the movement by following the hashtag #SoutienEtudiant and subscribing to the Instagram @soutien.etudiant. account. You'll find: 

- Resources to better go through this crisis mentally,

- Testimonials from other students about their own experience,

-  some key information to understand what's going on

- personalities taking part on the subject (influencers, experts, and many others)

You're not alone!

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Created by Nightline France, this site is intended to help students take care of their mental health during the second lockdown in due of COVID-19

The association Nightline France is responsible for compiling the census itself, the association who, since 2017, has run two evening listening services with students in mind (in French and English), operated by student volunteers trained in active listening. They also carry out actions in communication and prevention to open up conversations about student mental health in France.  


This project has been commissioned with the support of the Conference of University Presidents, the CNOUS, the Minister of Education and Research, the Minister of Health and Solidarity, the ADDSU and the network RESSPET.

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