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 it's hard to be   20 in 2020. 

A prevention campaign for the well-being of students during a global crisis.


Your move or Your truth?

One filter, many challenges. A game of "truth or dare" centered around mental health.

Your truth

I speak about my own situation. I share my own experience. I talk about it for two reasons: to truly realise that we are far from being alone, and that pouring your heart out is a good way to keep our spirits high. Together, we break the stigma and share a light on what is it to be a student and what mental health really means.


Your move

I take part in the challenge to take care of myself or my peers. I am committed to being in charge of the situation, and to helping out others during these unprecedented times. Supporting others is also a way to feel good about yourself.

A community on @NightlineTalks


Join the movement by following the hashtag #SoutienEtudiant and subscribing to the Instagram @NightlineTalks. account. You'll find: 

- Resources to better go through this crisis mentally,

- Testimonials from other students about their own experience,

-  some key information to understand what's going on

- personalities taking part on the subject (influencers, experts, and many others)

You're not alone!

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